Optimistic: A 99-Word Challenge.

(Sadly, the embed isn’t working. Apologies)

I took the challenge from Goldie, here. So here’s my 99-word story, no more, no less… :

(Photo by Y S on Unsplash)

It was a perfect day for swimming, no question. Pedaling his Schwinn Piston toward the creek, Joseph couldn’t restrain a smile. Boy, did that breeze feel good!

An old woman suddenly appeared from behind an oak as he dismounted, blocking his view of the water. “Clear off, you! Noisy boys, always making a racket.”

“But— !”


“It’s public property!”

“Suit yerself.”

The trees, his bike, the crone— all grew. Or had they? A surprised ribbit escaped his throat as he looked down at his webbed fingers.

That’ll teach you,” she smirked.

Well… At least he could still go swimming.



This week, I’ve been reading a lot… so I’ve had about 384 words of new writing!


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