Book Review: Stitching Snow

Stitching Snow by R. C. Lewis was an interesting book: I’d give it three-and-a-half out of five stars.
I appreciated several elements of the original tale being involved, such as the red-hot iron shoes which are dropped in the iconic Disney movie; but the backdrop of familial abuse is something I would recommend sparingly, and for older readers. I liked the space opera/sci-fi elements, as well. They were used quite cleverly to serve as representations from the old tale, and yet make this version stand on its own two feet. I especially liked the fact that the Seven Dwarves in this version are seven little drones— small robots that the heroine uses to her advantage in several situations. My favorite was Dimwit, although the others (Clank, Whirligig, Zippy, Ticktock, Clunk, and Cusser, so named for its habit of cursing due to erratic coding) each bring something to the table. I also like the fact that the “prince” character isn’t just a cardboard cutout who “falls in love” with a sleeping woman. He’s a real guy, and a gentleman at that.
However, I would not recommend this book freely, without knowing my audience, due to the abuse (which isn’t graphic, but still), and the kiss scenes being a little heavy for my taste. It was something older readers could handle, just not something I’d freely recommend. Despite Cusser being a character, there’s very little profanity within the book; if I remember correctly, the cursing is limited to “blast” and “blazes”. All in all, my age recommendation is 16 and up.
If you like fantasy and sci-fi blending together, this is definitely something you should check out! I enjoyed it.

NaNoWriMo Update, Week 2: Well, ladies and gents: there’s a scrambled bunch of progress to record as follows… 6643 words, (bringing the month’s total to 10,689 words!), a previously-started flash-fiction finished up among that total. My dying equipment was replaced this week, due to the benevolent input of several loved ones… so we’ll see how this new thing goes.


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