The Liebster Award??

I was tagged/given this award by the Sisters Three! Upon doing some research on this award, I found out the name comes from the German word “Lieb”, or “love”: this is a way of “showing the love” to other bloggers, which I thought was pretty neat! Thanks very much, and hope my answers are interesting, ladies! 😀

  1. Do you know what an Appalachian Dulcimer is?
    No… I know what a regular dulcimer is (I think) I learned about them in music class awhile back… It’s like a guitar that you use a little hammer on, if I remember correctly. I assume that Appalachian dulcimer isn’t too different, though? *scurries off for research*
  2. What is a villain that you just can’t hate, that you find yourself cheering on and then have to be like wait a minute…
    Umm… Miss Parker from The Pretender, I think. (I couldn’t think of one from a book. I know, it’s sad.) She’s one heck of a strong character. She does what she thinks is right, even if that right is terribly wrong, and she has a wonderful fashion sense. XD
  3. What is the last song you listened to?
    Cinderella, by Steven Curtis Chapman. It makes me so weepy, but in a good way…
  4. If you had to pick one character to kill in your WIP, who would it be?
    Um………. Bartholomew, the arrogant and selfish cat-man. I don’t like him a bit. I’m horrid, but there it is.
  5. If you had to listen to one band for the rest of your life, who would it be?
    This is… quite a hard question. I think I’d go with Newsboys, due to how long the band’s been around and how much of their work I like. I like most songs on three separate albums, which tends to be a big deal with me and music, as my taste hops quite a lot.
  6. Do you prefer a British or Scottish accent?
    I have a hard time telling the difference sometimes, if I’m honest. And to get more specific, are we talking posh English? Cockney? I’ll say Scottish because it’s simpler. 🤣
  7. What are two movies that are polar opposites but you like both equally?
    Courageous, and We’re No Angels. In one, you root for the criminals, in the other, policemen. One’s a black-and-white comedy, the other, a full-color drama. Both are excellent films. I love them both enough to watch quite often.
  8. What is your favorite part of your WIP? You can share a scene if you like!
    I’ll share a piece from Eye of the Beholder, my Beauty and the Beast novel in first-draft stage…
    My shoulder explodes in a white-hot burst of pain, and I cry out and let go, tossing the glass aside to shatter as I land in a heap atop the ladder, arm throbbing.
    Gasping and almost unable to see with the pain, I dimly realize that my shoulder must be dislocated. Once, when I was small, I’d been playing too rough with a stray dog. The mongrel had jerked once too hard during our game of tug-o’-war, and my arm had been pierced with a pain just like this. Clara, being Clara, had explained the process to me calmly before Doc’d fixed me up.
    “We’re gonna hold the joint in place, Siobhan. Like this.”
    I grit my teeth and manipulate my arm back to some semblance of normalcy.
    “Now we’re gonna push the ball of your joint back into the socket. But it’s not gonna be fun, alright? You have to try and be brave, Siobhan. You can do it.”
    I stand, wobbling a little as my eyes remind me they’re all-too-dry to work well, and I blink furiously as I totter outside. There, I line up my shoulder with the corner of the greenhouse, bite my lip, and throw myself against it.
    The rush of pain pulls a full-fledged scream from me this time, but after the immediate shock is over, my arm tingles and feels only a dull pain that will soon dissipate, if I’ve done it right. With a sigh, I carefully pull my solution from my pocket and drip two drips in each eye.
    “En nombre de todo lo sagrado, ¿qué estás haciendo aquí? ¿Que fue ese ruido? ¿Estás bien? ¿Quién eres tú? ¡Respóndeme!”
    The flood of words is soon followed by a short, plump woman with her dark hair in a braid that wraps around her head like a crown. She wields a hefty kitchen knife, and her eyes are wide with terror.
    “Ms. Valdez, I’m so sorry,” I pant. Although I don’t understand a lick of Spanish, I do know the housekeeper’s name, and maybe if I greet her, she won’t kill me. She comes faithfully to mass each week, and I see her around town sometimes. She’s a quiet one, except for when a banshee’s awoken her, apparently.
    “I’m here at Mr. Ryan’s request,” I continue, raising both hands as much as I’m able, wincing when I go too far. “I hurt my shoulder and I didn’t mean to yell so loud—”
    “Oh,” she sighs, lowering the knife and passing a hand before her eyes. “Santísima Maria, Madre de Dios…” she doesn’t finish the prayer, though, and slips the knife into the pocket of her apron, clucking and kneeling to examine my exposed calves and ankles.
    “You cut yourself?”
    I look down, surprised. Small red rivulets trickle down from where some of the glass grazed me as the pane broke…
    Oh, no. I broke a second pane. I doubt that’ll be well-received. I groan, and put my face in both hands.
    “It hurts much! Oh, come inside, I’ll fix you up, come-come-come.” She pulls me along, fussing like a mother hen, and I haven’t the heart to refuse. At the faint rustling behind us, though, I glance back.
    Nothing but a gentle movement among the weeds: I shouldn’t wonder if the place was crawling with small animals. But a brief flicker of the face I saw in the glass flashes through my mind, and I turn forward once more.
    No. That’s ridiculous.

  9. What is your favorite kind of story to write?
    Those with profound emotional impact. And fantasy.
  10. Have you ever had/made homemade bread by grinding your own flour?
    Unfortunately… never ground our own flour. Though it’s harder to do so when you don’t live in a wheat-producing state. I have, however, made my own bread several times. It was quite good! 🙂
  11. How many states have you been to? Including ones, you’ve passed through…If you’re from Canada, then how many provinces?
    Short answer: Three. I live in one, I saw another when my uncle drove me to the border and I stepped across (it was the middle of a park), and stayed at a friend’s house in yet another for one of the coolest weeks I’ve had in some time.

    And I’ll go ahead and tag… You! If you’re interested, consider yourself tagged and jump onto the train! Just link back so I know that you took the challenge!

    Words this week: editing of uncertain number, but a healthy chunk of hours!

7 thoughts on “The Liebster Award??

  1. AAaaah I LOOOOVE the snippet from your book, Rose!!!! It was AH-MAY-ZHING!!!! I need moreeee! I also would prefer the Scottish accent and I LOVE the Courageous movie! The Cinderella song by Steven Curtis Chapman is SO good, though like you said it’s so weepy but in a good way. 😉 You had great answers to all the questions! Loved the post! <333

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh, if Cinderalla makes you weepy, don’t listen to Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle *sobs* (it makes me want to cry every time!)

    *ahem* *composes self* Anywho, that’s so cool Lieb means ‘love’ (now this tag makes much more sense XD) I really enjoyed reading your answers, Rose!


    1. If I get a brave day, I’ll listen to it! I’ll have to bring tissues. (I’m a sucker for weepy songs, even though I bawl through them.)

      Thanks for coming and reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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