Strike-Out Challenge!

I was tagged for this challenge by BOTH the ladies at Sisters Three (Jaidie, Kayti, and Marisa), and Lillian Keith! Thank you all, for thinking of me!! ☺ You play by “striking out” (crossing off) all the things you’ve done, and providing commentary as you please. So, let’s do this thing!

Kissed someone – Um. Not the way I’m thinking this is meant to suggest. NEXT!!

Gone to a rock concert – Not quite? …I did go to a Tim Hawkins show once. Though it probably doesn’t count due to it being more comedy than straight-up music.

Helped someone – I’ve walked the earth for two decades. If I haven’t helped someone by now, I’m ashamed of myself. Plus, I’ve had several old ladies for neighbors— they drop things on occasion. I pick up things because I have young knees.

Gone fishing – In me youth, I went to a fishing derby and convinced the entire pond’s worth of people that I’d caught Moby Dick with my exuberance. (In reality, the bluegill was comparable to a sardine, but we’re not speaking of that.)

Watched four movies in one night – I sleep too much for that one. 🤣

Lied to someone – Yes, yes, I have, sadly. Though I was always too nauseous afterward for the lie to usually be believed.

Failed a subject – Nope! That wasn’t allowed at our house. B or better, or you redid classes. I didn’t want extra work, so I plunged through. Though I did cry through most of high-school math.

Been in a car accident – Thankfully, no. I’ve known some people who are really messed-up from car accidents, and some who’ve been fine, but I was always terrified of the idea as a small child.

Been in a tsunami – *Looks around the Midwest* Hard pass. I don’t travel. 😂

Watched someone die (including pets) – No. Half my family was very against us being anywhere remotely near death, and the other half hasn’t died yet. As for the pets, we only had fish, and they died usually in the middle of the night.

Been to a funeral – Many, many times. Usually, the funerals were a good thing; I’ve been fortunate to be in the company of believers for many of the funerals, and there’s hope and comfort there; for the others, there were enough extended family members that we hadn’t seen recently to make it like a family reunion.

Burned yourself – Hot soup. No fun.

Run a marathon – *Hysterical laughter*
I wish. I am not a runner, by any means. I can walk forever… but running is not my thing.

Spend over 10,000 bucks in one day – People do this? (Okay, if you buy a house or a car, fine, but still…) I don’t think I’ll ever even see that kind of money, much less be able to freely spend without inhibition.

Flown on an aeroplane – Whether English or American spelling, no. 😉 But I did get on a military helicopter and a FedEx delivery jet at an air show, once. The helicopter was fun, the jet was scary.

Written a 18 page letter (front & back) – No… But I have done 10 pages!

Gone skiing – Absolutely not! I have all the coordination of a three-legged, epileptic giraffe. Plus, I don’t live in a place that has mountains, and I don’t travel.

Lost someone you loved – See the aforementioned funerals. Several older church friends, grandparents, great-grands… various pet fishes… (Well, I guess that’s not really someone, per se..?)

Got into trouble for something you didn’t do – While it seems like it might’ve happened, I can’t point to a clear time and place. So… no?

Stolen a book from a library – Nope! Though there was one time when my sister (age 8) ordered a book into the library from a neighboring system, we checked it out, and when we walked out the security alarms went off and a guard (Yes, our library had a guard!) chased us. She threw the book away and we ran… Dad had to go back in and explain. That was one angry-looking guard.
The worst part was, he was pulling something out of a holster (we found out it was a Taser, but really? We were kids!), and we both panicked. I was about 14, I think. Not a fun experience. If anything will dissuade you from theft, that’s it.

Gone to a different country – I thought it was a big deal to go to the next state over. I guess not?

Gambled in a casino – Nope. I think it’s not terribly wise, and I’d get pretty claustrophobic with no windows and all those blinking lights. There is a semi-local one that I’ve heard has an awesome burger place inside, though. I’d like to visit that!

Been in a school play – Nope. Homeschooling (at least with the age gaps we had) doesn’t often give you the opportunity. But I did participate in a church play once!

Taken a lie detector test – NO, BUT I WANT TO! It just seems terribly cool. 🙂

Voted for someone on a reality TV show – I wanted to (back when Jackie Evancho was on America’s Got Talent, I wanted to vote for her… I wonder if that show’s still on?), but the text cost extra money. Dad’s work phone was the only one we had at the time that could text, anyway.

Read more than 20 books a year – Most years, actually. I average 36.

Gone to Europe – …No travel. ‘Nuff said. NEXT!

Had a surgery – Yes! I had all my wisdom teeth removed. Not a bad process, really. Was much more afraid of the whole thing than it merited.

Had stitches – Technically, yes. To keep the holes in my mouth shut once the teeth were removed (See previous). But other than that, no.

Ridden a tuk-tuk (autorickshaw) – No! Though again, I would really like to!

Had more than 5 IM conversations going on at once – Nope. I have tiny focus as it is!

Been in a fist fight – When I was small, with siblings, yep. Got in big trouble.

Had a pet – All my little fishes… 💜

Petted a wild animal – I HAVE WANTED TO ALL OF MY LIFE!! But no.

Had your own credit card & bought something with it – I don’t share financial information in public areas. Pass, please and thanks.

Dyed your hair – Nope. I doubt it would work if I did… family precedent for stubborn natural color retention. 😆

Got a tattoo – Not a real one! Though I have had some wet-ons. I don’t think it’s the best idea, but besides that, I hate the idea of a design you can’t remove. And needles… *shudders here*

Had something pierced – Nope. Briefly considered my ears when a friend had them done, and then remembered that both grandmas and one aunt have nickel allergies, and my mom had her ears grow shut. Just figured it was easier to let it go or wear clip-ons if they were needed.

Got a straight A – …On a whole class? A semester? An entire subject? Not sure what exactly the question is here. I passed a first aid class with all A’s?

Taken pictures with a webcam – Nope. Any things I have with cameras (if I have any) are taped up. I like privacy.

Gone to sleep with music on – Oh, yeah. We had this one Dino CD that I loved to sleep to… (something like “classical paradise”, I think?) but now, I just go with white noise. Covers a multitude of insane-neighbor’s-dog noises. 🤣

And my taggees are: Briar at The Grazing Daisy, and Goldie at One Day at a Time. Good luck, ladies!

(If you follow the links, you’ll see my favorites of their recent work!)

Writing time this week: sporadic, but effective. I received word that a story I submitted was accepted, and it was onto a round of edits for that and more work on my Very Scary Story that, at last count, amounted to 821 words after some mini-edits while I worked. XD


9 thoughts on “Strike-Out Challenge!

    1. Well…
      It was a comic book. And that library was basically in one of the worst areas of town. People harassed patrons for money, gang guys hung out there late because it had heating and free wifi… so I guess we looked like easier troublemakers to deal with than the gang guys.

      It’s gotten better, but after that incident, and the guy who was threatening my mom for cash, we moved to a better library for good.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this! I can’t participate in the tag… but thank you for thinking of me😄! I can’t believe a LIBRARY(It’s not like it’s a bank) guard would threaten to tase a kid! What is a kid going to steal? A $10 used book? Not worth the effort😂.

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